How to communicate with employees

Communication for managers

How to communicate with employees
Communication for managers


The Knowledge Line is a specialized online seminar with the active supervision of the author. It contains knowledge that the author successfully used in practice. The line will lead you to practical results and gain new competence. In the „Communication for Managers“ line, you will learn to prepare for communication, engage and enthusiastic employees, management or customers, actively use communication for team leadership, uncover and respond to employee attitudes, and build the foundation for growing your managerial image.

How to work with the knowledge line

ONE STEP 7 days

Every week you will learn 3 knowledge. You will have a week to apply knowledge in your practice.


Your answer to the control question will examine understanding your knowledge. Some responses must be prepared and approved by the author.


The line will be reminded during the week and will send you additional information on the line just studied.


You will add to your own line your authentic experience that you have gained in practice. You can print at any time.


You can contact the author at any time to get new knowledge or to solve your own case from practice.


After completing the line, you will receive a certificate of your new skill. Submit it to HR, save it in your CV and Linked IN.


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Author and your online consultant

Ing. Jiří Střelec

Consultant focusing on management, communication and Publlic Relations. He gained his experience during 25 years of experience in small and large companies. Most of the time it looks at ways to increase knowledge and use it to achieve results in practice.

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How do users assess the knowledge line?

  • After the Communication for Managers seminar, all participants started the knowledge line. This e-learning tool, which is actively accompanied by its author and is based on the learning from the seminar, helped us all to use individual topics in practice. Already after the first steps of the line it turned out that the decision to complete it was absolutely correct. The knowledge line helps us to develop our employees continuously and not only within individual training blocks. After its successful completion, we all gained substantial confidence in communicating and addressing specific situations in our professional life.

    Erik Menke
    Managing Director, EDAG Production Solutions CZ s.r.o.pozice

  • The Communication for Managers seminar is a sophisticated and effective form of education, after which you simply think: "I know how to do it." The seminar is followed by a practical part, which perfectly links theoretical information with real situations. Working on assigned tasks brings the possibility of immediate feedback on how to solve the given situation towards your own team and thus helps to realize the impact of the selected form of communication and the importance of the preparation itself on the situation. Fulfillment of tasks brings consolidation of knowledge of studied topics. The seminar allows to realize the necessity of personal perception of individuals - one formula is not always "working" for all. Training knowledge can be used in non-work activities in everyday life.

    Martina Skalická
    Logistic Leader, TE Connectivity

  • The Communication for Managers seminar gave me a completely different perspective on working with the team. She helped me to train critical situations in advance. The advantage of the seminar is that it is not only a theoretical form, but also includes a practical part where one can try it out immediately. I also completed a knowledge line, which is a homework on a weekly basis (each task for a maximum of 15 minutes), where the aim is to refresh the knowledge gained after a while.

    Tomáš Gut
    Vedoucí oddělení - Interiér, EDAG Engineering CZ spol. s.r.o.

  • Support in the form of a knowledge line has always drawn us into play again between workshops. Its on-line form has given us the opportunity to refresh the topic at any time, to look at practical examples at any time, and the opportunity to prepare communication in advance has become invaluable.

    Hana Jančulová
    Senior Human Relations Specialist, Continental

  • Training that has no real impact on practice is often a waste of money. Knowledge line is a very effective tool, just as knowledge of training put into practice because it gives you space to think about things, going back to them and try them in real life. I see the combination of personal training and the knowledge line as a very effective tool and I can recommend it.

    Aleš Paldus
    Managing Director, EDAG Engineering CZ

  • If one works with a team and communicates with a customer, this seminar with such a high level of communication is inevitable for the manager. It's not just a theory full of the Internet. The seminar is enriched with experience from the life of lecturers, where almost everything was explained on practical examples. But mainly by practicing exercises that force a person to use tax knowledge as they are fresh in their heads. The course was a great asset and enrichment for me. Thank you

    Matúš Kriššák
    koordinator konštruktér

  • The only real knowledge is practically applicable. Knowledge Line '' Communication for Managers '' by J. Sagittarius leads to such knowledge. Practical exercises will definitely reveal that theory is only part of success. An important point is to interpret and communicate well with your surroundings. It's amazing to realize that most people are convinced of the truth of their own thoughts with subconsciously distorted facts. But it is a very black and white point of view. Own knowledge and communication for managers will help you think in color, look for other options and then use them. It also points out that everyone must want to go through communication for themselves. That's what it's about. Discover your own communication path and find a way to success for yourself and your team. It helped me.

    Peter Gyürke
    Project Leader, EDAG PS

Articles on communication and management

  • Communication preparation

    Communication preparation

    "*It is clear to me. It's beautifully simple. I also have a good idea, everyone will like it.” This is how the manager usually finishes his own preparation for internal communication with employees. "* We all know how it is here, so I just tell it." Employees sit and look in disbelief. This is not enough. So how to prepare for communication? Do not forget to make the characteristics of the target group at least at the level of needs, interests and style. Then adapt the idea and the way it is communicated.

Knowledge Line – ONLINE SEMINAR

Gain knowledge of how to communicate correctly with employees within 3 months with the support of the author. You will learn to get excited and how to increase your managerial credit.

for the price of 1000, – CZK/month

Sophisticated e-learning, where in 11 steps you get:

  • 33 knowledge – how to communicate effectively
  • 11 additional knowledge sent by e-mail
  • tutorials, exercises, solutions
  • online author, consultant for custom questions
  • printing of own knowledge from practice
  • certificate of acquisition of new knowledge